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P. Hone Williams
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I am using a process that begins digitally and ends up as an oil painting. The original composition, layout drawing and color scheme are all drawn and worked out digitally using Photoshop and a Wacom Cintiq drawing screen:

NOTE: The demonstration below is a small detail in a much larger composition. The first image is what the result of the demo looks like...

...and this is the beginning. First I make a very rough drawing on the Cintiq.

Next, the rough drawing is refined, also using the Cintiq.

When the drawing is complete, it is colored using Photoshop and the Cintiq

When the color scheme is worked out, the image is "dumbed down" to a muted, almost grayscale image. Then it is printed to size on heavy weight acid free paper, adhered to a panel support and coated with clear acrylic matte medium as a base for the oil paint to come.

The oil painting begins: Here, the background and the sax player have been painted. The saxaphone, turtle and woman are not yet painted

In this image, the saxaphone has been painted and the woman is just getting started. The next five images are the oil paint progression for the woman.

...and this is the final painting on the woman.